First International Conference for Anthroposophical Veterinary Medicine

20 to 22 March 2020, Solutions and questions of anthroposophical veterinary medicine on animal disease

The anthroposophical approach to the way we see animals – be they livestock or domestic – also offers suggestions for solving emerging problems such as antibiotic resistance and cancer. Exactly one century after the first course which Rudolf Steiner gave for physicians, we intend during this conference to concern ourselves with the veterinary aspects. With the help of anthroposophy, we will provide an introduction to an integrative veterinary medicine which sees the animal as a being which is fully integrated into and dependent on its environment.

We would like to create an international community of all those who, in a pioneering spirit, are active in this field throughout the world, who want to ask question, engage in practising or undertake further research in order to develop a method appropriate for veterinary medicine.

This conference would like to initiate a process which allows an international and living movement to come about.

contact person: Sabrina Menestrina, email sabrina.menestrina(at)

Flier available for download, below.